August 5, 2018          Dallas, TX                               This DFW water park helped out children of fallen heroes. Here’s how you can, too.   

July 26, 2018          Jacksonville Beach, FL             A Galaxy of Good Deeds   

July 19, 2018          Jacksonville Beach, FL             Adventure Landing Displays Stars for Scholars to Support Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation

July 15, 2018          Roswell, GA                              Roswell family entertainment center partners with Fallen Patriots for scholarship fundraiser

July 13, 2018          Wichita, KS                               All Star Adventures Helping Send Kids to College

July 11, 2018          Jacksonville, FL                       How you can help kids of fallen service members this summer while having fun

July 4, 2018          Aberdeen, SD                            Veterans, military members can play mini golf for free today



Sept 26, 2016          Corpus Christi, TX                         Funtrackers participates in Putt for the Fallen
Sept 13, 2016           Houston, TX                                  Putt-Putt FunHouse participates in Putt for the Fallen
Sept 7, 2016             Jacksonville, FL                           Adventure Landing part of fundraising effort for military children
Sept 1, 2016             Norman, OK                                        HeyDay joins fundraiser to help kids of fallen soldiers
Sept 1, 2016             Buffalo, NY                                   Adventure Landing fundraiser aims to help military families



Sept 17, 2015            Jacksonville Beach, FL                 FECs Raise Money for Military Children of the Fallen to go to College
Sept 10, 2015            Livermore, CA                              Boomers Livermore hosts Putt for the Fallen
Sept 5, 2015             Livermore, CA                               Boomers Livermore is Giving Back to Our Fallen Heroes
Sept 1, 2015              National                                        ForeverLawn Sponsors 2nd Annual Putt for the Fallen
Aug 29, 2015            Independence, MO                       Putt for Patriots in September
Aug 3, 2015              Columbus, OH                              Columbus Parent Daily Bulletin covers Putt for the Fallen



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Putt for the Fallen was also featured on the Meredith Vieira show! Home Depot donated $10,000 to Fallen Patriots during the show.
Click here to watch the entire segment!